3mm Printed

Printed MDF 3mm is a kind of MDF with three millimeter thickness which there are number of color layers on it.The thickness of these MDFs with their coating is three millimeters and the thickness of raw MDF is 2.6 or 2.7 millimeter.

Azerbaijan Rash industrial group with years of experience in production of 3mm printed MDF, to improve the quality of produced 3mm MDF, put three layer of color on MDF and put UV on it as the coating.

The dimension of 3mm MDF is 1830*2440 mm and each pallet includes 200-240pcs.

Rash wood produce two kind of 3mm MDF:
1)3mm Printed MDF: At first three layer of color put on MDF and finally a layer of UV cause to MDF be resistant in front of color change.
2)3mm Melamine MDF (melamine paper with design):Paper with design put on the raw MDF.

Rash wood with years of experience in production of 3mm Printed MDF, present this this product in everywhere of Iran.
Printed MDF 3mm

Available Designs and Samples