Rash Azerbaijan wood company is the producer of all kind of plywood. This company with the help of knowledge, expert peoples and his continues effort, success to be reliable brand in producing of all kind of plywood. Plywood is made by sticking lamina layers of wood. To produce plywood at first tree trunk cut out to lamina layers, then by putting adhesive between these layers press them to stick together.
Plywood had different kinds of three layer, seven layer and etc. the number of layers are different but the quantity of layers is always an odd number. Plywood has lots of application in industry and construction, also it could be said that the plywood is high usage wood product not only in Iran but in all of the worlds.
Generally, the woods of two kind of tree is used in production of plywood; wood of soft trees and wood of hard trees, hard trees like oak, mahogany, paper birch and etc. using the woods of these trees cause for more resistance of the plywood. Cypress and Pine are one of the sift trees which they have lower resistance.