Melamine MDF

Human’s interest to natural life and limitation in wood sources cause to artificial production of different designs of wood like Rush, Maple, Walnut, … and then it creates new industry of printing decorative papers, impregnate papers and finally pressing papers.

At first the design print on raw paper with base weight of 80-290 g/m2 and then decorative paper impregnate with Melamine Formaldehyde Resin. After impregnation operation the paper solely dried with indirect heat of hot oil and in this stage volatile material like water, methanol, formaldehyde… gets away from it. This resin gives special characteristics to raw paper because it’s chemical characteristics and increase paper’s base weight to 300 g/m2. The given characteristics are resistance in front of water and humidity, resistance in front of scratches, resistance in front of chemical material and color stability after passing the time… at the end this melamine paper put on the MDF and Chipboard by pressing machines with high pressure and high temperature.

Melamine MDF 3mm

Available Designs and Samples